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Simply White Wedding Disco

Everything should look amazing on your wedding day, including your disco.

Here at Simply White Disco we have been providing wedding disco services for over 40 years, so we really know our stuff, and you are guaranteed an expert service.

Years ago, a disco meant black boxes and a few flashing lights. Not any more! Now you can match your disco perfectly to your evening with stunning pure white kit specially designed for weddings and bespoke lighting that will do exactly what you want it to, in any colour and in any place.

We take pride in delivering a very personal service. You tell us exactly what you want and we will deliver an event that is designed especially for you.


With our state of the art lighting, we are able to match whatever colour scheme you have chosen and make your room look truly magical.

If you have asked for early set up the main disco console can be tastefully back lit throughout the day to match your colour scheme.

Our beautiful lighting sets include mini up-lighters to help set the mood. These lights can project any colour you choose, do colour washes and even pulse to the music. They can turn your wedding reception into a truly memorable event. And best of all, unlike others who may charge extra for this sort of lighting, we give it to you for free!

If there is a special part of the room you want us to highlight, for example, where your cake is, we can do that too.

Our lights are wirelessly controlled and lead free which means we can put them wherever you want and there are no trailing wires for your guests to trip over.

Just a small sample of what they can do in the video.


Our sound system delivers high quality sound evenly throughout the venue. 

Using the latest line array technology which overcomes the old problem were its very loud on the dance floor as the volume is turned up to cover other areas of the venue, the line array system we use overcomes this problem. This projects sound in such a way that it fills the room evenly.

With our system, you will have a beautiful sound wherever you are in the room; a much more pleasant experience for your guests.

This means that you can still chat to friends and family in the same room as the music.

A beautiful disco for your perfect day

On your special day you want everything to be just right and that includes your evening entertainment.

Our new Simply White Wedding Disco will really bring a touch of class to your special day.

Our sound system delivers a high quality sound from an unobtrusive and discrete set of speakers. You’d hardly know it was there, but the sound is stunning and like nothing you’ve heard before.

Our discreet lighting units can deliver an amazing light show that can completely transform any room into somewhere really special. The lighting scheme can capture the theme and mood of your event by matching whatever colour scheme you have chosen.

It’s the only one of its kind locally so you are guaranteed something really special and very beautiful. The wireless, pure white kit means you don’t have to put up with the normal mish-mash of black disco equipment and untidy wiring.


Early Setup

Included FREE with your booking

We highly recommend that you have an early set-up so as to minimise the disruption caused to your reception by us setting up our systems. Our set-up takes us 1-1 1/4 hours. Early set-up means we are all in place and ready to go even if your event is running a little late.

Note: The client is responsible for ensuring we have access to the venue in good time to allow setup before the show starts.

The best value

Only £325

Price includes early set-up, use of our equipment for your speeches, 5 hour show, travel to within 25 miles from Dorchester. 

We do not charge VAT.

Trust us

Professional DJ

This is our living, not our hobby. You can trust us to turn up and put on a show using the latest equipment and all the latest music.

We will not let you down.

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